hello cuties ! This post is just a little different then what I normally post , I am participating in this competition hosted by  chic...

hello cuties !
This post is just a little different then what I normally post , I am participating in this competition hosted by chichi , for those who don't know about chichi should definitely click on this link  to check their website out (chichi) they have dresses for every occasion and trust me you will fall in love with every single piece in their collection , that's how beautiful their collection is . From summer dresses to prom dresses even cocktail dresses you name it and they have it , so without any further due I present you my wishlist which I hope comes true <3 <3 .

<3 cocktail dresses <3 - they have an amazing collection of cocktail dresses and the best part they have incorporated all the biggest fashion trends of 2013
pick no 1

 The best part about this dress is that it incorporates two biggest trends of 2013 summer/spring which is the monochromatic trend and the peplum trend , I am such big peplum  fan, I love it , peplum gives you the right curves for your body looks chic and lady like moreover you can never go wrong with the colour combination black and white no matter what era it is .

pick no 2

This is a skater dress and how can anyone not love a skater dress , skater dress is a girls best friend it gives an illusion of a perfect figure and did you notice the colour combination of that dress how pretty is that ! this dress is perfect for a date with your special one <3

pick no 3

I love anything and everything with asymmetrical hem line , for me they just mean insta trendy and without even putting extra effort. This dress is perfect for date night ,evening party and even for wedding occasions

pick no 4

maxi dresses are such a big fashion statement for this season , the best part about this dress is the colour and the lace detailing which just acts as a bonus I would definitely wear this dress for a cocktail party , dinner out with family or friends a nice event .

pick no 5

I just cant help but had to put this dress up as one fav because it just so pretty , I would wear this dress to more formal occasions like weddings , bridal shower etc

pick no 6

I was amazed when I saw this dress in the sale section , even their sale section is so amazing how can anyone say no to this dress it has lace + peplum +leather can it get more awesome then that ?!

pick no 7

this dress is just so sexy , cut outs are so in for this season i love the cutouts on this dress and fav part is the back ! so hot yeah ?
perfect for clubbing or a night out . I just loved this one <3

tell me which one do you think is the best
visit there website here chi chi
I think they have lovely collection of dresses
with all the new trends and styles incorporated
comments,questions and suggestions are always welcome .
lots of love

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