10 essential items in a woman's wardrobe

<3 A little black dress <3- They are a fashion classic a right black dress can never be out of trend,this trend is forever. you can d...

<3 A little black dress <3- They are a fashion classic a right black dress can never be out of trend,this trend is forever. you can dress it up or dress it down in accordance to the occasion for choosing the right little black dress you should keep  structure of your body in mind. a wrong little black dress is a big fashion no no. so you  want something  which compliments your shape and structure .

Two basic body shapes are
1)apple body shape
2)pear body shape

<3 A nice formal shirt <3- It is very important for all pretty young ladies like you  to have a formal shirt in your closet. it can act as a very good substitute for a dress moreover you can pair it with skirts,shorts,jeans,pants etc ( almost with everything) and everytime you will have a completely new look .this can be your go to option for the days when you don't know what to wear and still want to look cute

<3 A nice pair of jeaans <3- You need that one right pair of jeans to flaunt sexy shape of your legs and calves and the best part is that if you are not confident about it it can also help you hide it . dark blue or shades of it is a must have color if you are confused between black or dark blue and shades go for the blue .choose a pair which has a straight fit so that you can show off your assets.  you should look for the style dat draws attention to right parts of the body. for detailed explanation you can click on the following link http://www.wikihow.com/Find-the-Perfect-Jeans-for-You

<3 a classy pair of heels<3- i personally love wearing heels, i can never get enough of it or have too many heels in my closet  ( i know i know it pains :P but i love them too much) therefore it is very important to have atleast one pair of comfortable and classy looking heels . it adds a posture to your body and give a more lady like and feminine image  basic colors that you can choose from are black .cream ,beige and brown .a right pair of heels gives a nice shape to your legs make them look a little then and curvy.

there are many options avialiable when it comes to selecting right pair of heels,always keep your personal choice and style in mind. comfort level should be a criteria for selection.

 <3 A coat (trench coat)/ dressy jacket (blazer) <3- coats or jackets can basically give you two kinds of look . a cuter look or more edgier one .( personally i like both of them depends upon how i feel that day :P)
but you should go according to your personal preference. by just adding a blazer/ coat it just dresses up your  entire outfit  .pick a blazer/coat which compliments your body shape . otherwise a size bigger or a size smaller can also spoil the game .(look of your outfit). you can pair a single blazer with lot of outfits . if you are not sure which color to buy at  first always go for the basic or neutral colors and then start building up your collection.

<3 sweat pants/ yoga pants <3- a decent sweat pants or yoga pants if dressed in a right manner can be your go to outfit for your daily chores. i.e shopping, groceries, a visit to the near super market or a departmental store, stroll in a park etc and you can still manage to look cut .the best part is that they are sooooo comfortable

<3 skirt/shorts<3- if i had to make a choice to pick one of them i could not have done that .because i love both of these pieces  too much for that . skirt/shorts can also make you look cute and sexy both at the same time . you can play lot with basic black or blue skirt/shorts and it will not give you the feeling of a repetitive look . a new look everytime if you style your skirt/shorts in right fashion  . in 2013 floral, leather,denim,printed,maxi .high low skirts will be seen a lot.  but if i had to pick one of them i will  pick skirt

<3 basic tee's <3- this is one of the essential pieces in every woman's wardrobe. you need to have these . you can easily dress them up or dress them down . you can dress them up by adding a statement necklace teaming up with right pants, skirts etc accessorizing is a must in this case . you can also add a nice scarf . a simple white tee with your regular blue jeans team it up with a scarf wear some bracelets and nice booties and you are set to go for a casual day out with friends.

<3 handbag<3 - to complete your look you will always need a nice handbag .A pretty bag that goes with your personal style and image can do wonders for you . if you still have to buy that one right bag for yourself go for colors like black and brown undertones . its ok even if you splurge for this section . a nice handbag completes and compliments you and your outfit . avoid purchasing a very big or a very small handbags when you have just started to build your collection go for a medium sized bag in accordance to your body shape and size.

<3 pair of flats <3-  they have to be a 10 on 10  when it comes to being comfortable , but only being comfortable doesn't make me buy them :P they have to be chic + comfortable . there are lot of options avialiable ie flip flops, ballerinas,  moccasins, oxfords,espadrillies.

<3 i hope you guys find this useful <3 have a lovely day ahead :)
   take care

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