New in my closet :)

Hello cuties !                 I am really sorry for not posting a since like 20 days but there were lot of reasons why dint update my...

Hello cuties !
                I am really sorry for not posting a since like 20 days but there were lot of reasons why dint update my blog lol lets just say i was busy with collage and all that jazz but know i am back with full swing :) and ready to help you guys out with all the fashion quires :) As most of you will already know that sale is going and its crazy and my only advice to you people will be to make the most of it . Go for most pieces like trendy once which we generally leave thinking that we will only just wear it once or maximum twice , this is the time to grab those items and add a little color and punk to your wardrobe in lesser price
 So even i went shopping the other day and got my hands on few of the items . So lets call it a  HUAL ? or new in my closet? . hahhaha . i am fine with anything . I might go again this weekend,will definitely share with you guys what i got :)

1st place i went was SPLASH : they have crazy sale going on almost everything is 50% OFF its crazy :)
 1) I bought this scarf just because of its color:) they have lot options and so many different colors :) it was originally 299 and i got 20% discount.

2) the next thing i bought was a very pretty skirt :) i absolutely love it they also have it in white but i wanted to add a little more color to my wardrobe to i went for this peachy orange color
it was originally for 1299 i got 30% off

3) the third thing i got was this dress and what sold me was the texture of the cloth and the way the dress looked on me just so simple yet classy it was like its calling my name lol it has a leather touch to it . which i find so sexy ! obviously not original leather . It was approx 1600 rs and i got 50% discount

these were basically all the clothing items i bought from splash :) lets more on to accessories i got from there
lets move on to accessories now :) always remember accessories are as important as anyother clothing item .
They can just transform your look in a second. you just have to know how to play with them :)
I think all the accessories have 50% off which is such a great deal

The next place i went to was ALDO i dint buy much just like two pieces of accessories :) but if i get a chance i would really like to buy a handbag from there :) so if you have chance go check out their bags collection its AWESOME !
i think the offer over there is buy one get one free:)

i paid totally 1650 for both these items
loving my new jewelry pieces so fierce ! lol !

The next place i went to was PROMOD
i dint buy much , just a spaghetti top and the what sold me was the skull print on it lol


i hope you liked what i got recently :)
temme which is your fave item
i might go shopping this weekend too
will make a post on it for sure
i definitely will be more consistent about updating my blog
apologizes to all my lovelies !
lots of love

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