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Hello cuties          Today's post is gonna be very interesting i.e mixing prints . I admit this can be tricky, but that's part...

Hello cuties
         Today's post is gonna be very interesting i.e mixing prints . I admit this can be tricky, but that's part of the fun. Because when disparate patterns click, the result is an artful collage that warrants a second glance.

Make It Work for You
There's a method to this mad plaid-ness. Take time to find pieces linked by a common color scheme or mood. It's better if they come together in varied proportions—and possibly different textures. It's weird, but in this context animal prints take on the role of a neutral. Should you doubt your own judgment, here's one time when taking 
your cues from the runway might not be a bad idea.

Spring means renewal and rebirth, which makes it a perfect time to try a new style. Ready to play?

Florals, polka dots, geometrics, tribal symbols, abstracts, paisley, embroidery and embellishments inundated the runways, and now they’re ready to make their way into your closet.

Why not put a fresh spin on your patterned pieces by wearing them head-to-toe? With a few tips, you can mix patterns without them overwhelming you and without looking clownish.

Designers and retailers are showing us how. J.Crew paired a Liberty-print floral suit with an embroidered button-up blouse with eye-size flowers. Wal-Mart is packaging tie-dye skirts with African-print totes in its Empowering Women Together line. Proenza Schouler made grommets cascade to the hem of its photo-print dresses for spring. Printed pants are everywhere, often shown with patterned tops.

CHIC ways of mixing prints together :) 
Floral and Soft Stripes — Dainty florals and soft, hazy stripes fill the same fashion space for us — comfy, cozy, and ladylike yet laid-back ... which explains why they go so well together. Look for a floral print that's a little more colorful and stripes in a neutral tone for maximum cohabitability

Madras and Graphic Technicolor Patterns — Make a pastel madras print way more exciting by it them with asuper-bright, technicolor print in graphic zig-zags, stripes, dots .

Scarf Print and Nautical Stripes — Scarf prints are ubiquitous this summer, so why not wear them with another warm-weather staple? The trick to pulling this off is finding both in similar color families and matching whites.

Animal On Animal — Wearing two types of animal prints together might get you mistaken for an Atlantic City casino veteran, but the secret to making it look modern is to wear one in a realistic print and the other in a more artful, graphic iteration.

Thick Stripes And Nubby Tweeds — Yes, textures count, too! This nubby, patterned tweed skirt was begging for some lightness, which came in the form of a sheer, striped top that mirrored the tuxedo stripe on the skirt.

enought talking :P lets jump straight into the pictures :)
i mixed polka dots and floral print
hope you like it :)

i hope you like today's post :) 
items in style :
polka dot top-thrifted 
printed short- inmark 
belt- zara 
bag-kloset theory 
studded black heels 
i would love to know what you thought about today's post 
comments,questions and suggestions are always welcome 
i hope you have a lovely day ahead 
lots of love 

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