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Hello beautiful ladies                    So, here i am with an other interesting post  romwe  is here with an another interesting competi...

Hello beautiful ladies
                   So, here i am with an other interesting post romwe is here with an another interesting competition :) and this time its huge ! trust me :) 1st prize is 150$ :)

All you have to do  is find Romwe on Pinterest here and join right away, youll have a great chance to win their prize by pinning their products!


1. Follow http://pinterest.com/romwe and create a new Board called "Romwe Wishlist".2. Pin www.romwe.com items to your "Romwe Wishlist" Board and Add #Romwe to every item you pin (P.S. Please remember this board can only contain items from Romwe.com and dont repin items from other pinners, hope you could kindly understand) 3. Send your "Romwe Wishlist" board link to pinterest@romwe.com.4. Competition ends on 5/31/2013, lets go and catch your favorite items!There will be 3 winners in total:1st$150 gift card2nd$100 gift card3rd$50 gift cardContest Page >>http://pinterest.com/pin/233202086927435911/

so go sign into your pinterest account now :) 

take care 
lots of love 
don't miss this opportunity 

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