Retro twist :)

Hello beautiful people :)                           So here i am again with an outfit post , this look is more on the retro side and p...

Hello beautiful people :)
                          So here i am again with an outfit post , this look is more on the retro side and perfect for the weather, i just stock up on lot of sheer shirts as it is getting hotter day by day . Sheer tops are so fun to wear ad easy to style , the second important item for summer time are the pajama pants and i am so so so obsessed with them that its not even funny any more :P they are so comfortable to lounge around in the house or if you have to go out with friends and definitely more comfortable then wearing a jeans :) you can style  them in so many different ways , this time i choose a sheer shirt , every body wants to look chic and stylish but the trick is how to look chic and comfortable together :) so without further due here are the pictures

i choose a neutral colour bag to avoid too much of pink in the outfit :P

items in the outfit :
top - vero moda
necklace- reliance trends
bag - zara
shoes- westside
pajama pants - thrifted

i would love to know what you thought about the post
comments,suggestions and question are always welcome
take care
have a wonderful weekend <3
be safe
lots of love

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  1. I absolutely love the pants and they are perfect for delhi summer. But i m still not able to find one for myself :(
    Btw you look really pretty and the outfit is perfectly put together. :)

  2. thank you so much aanchal
    i recently saw some really pretty one's at splash (lifestyle ) and zara :) you can check those stores out . ::)

  3. Thanks alot :*
    I will definately check them out after my exams :P
    Hey please try to post high resolution pictures in your posts because i dont know why but they are a bit blurred and your pretty pictures arent clear :(

  4. you are welcome !
    i know right i have to update my camera :(
    I'm working on it ,i will try and upgrade it asap :)

  5. love the pants, dear! xoxo
    love, Yulia

  6. you're style is so lovely! love the pink color <3

    please dropping by my blog here :)


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