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  lets talk anout MAKEUP what say ! Guys frankly i am not a pro when it comes to make up but i know couple of things so i thought sharing i...

  lets talk anout MAKEUP what say ! Guys frankly i am not a pro when it comes to make up but i know couple of things so i thought sharing it might help you guys <3
 for starters if you are new to makeup you should always start with the basics and take it step by step otherwise it will just be like you woke up with so much make up ! i started wearing make because it was exciting :P

1) eyes : if you are still contemplating from where to start, my advice will be eyes . wearing a right kajal and a mascara adds a pop to your face makes it look more brighter and prettier. eyeliner may be a bit too much in the beginning may be after some time you can give it a try . lets talk about mascara first if you are not ready to invest much money then you can go for maybelline newyork products according to me they have a best drugstore mascara's
i have used both of these products but falsies is my current fav <3
but you can also go for ssal volume mascara (yellow one) because falsies might be just so BAMM eyelashes for you at first but if you are fine with that then you can go ahead
price range : 350-450 INR

kajal : again i will recommend colossal kajal by maybelline newyork
lakme eyeconic kajal is also an good option :)                                                                                                                                
price range : 150-200 INR
if you are ready to invest a little more i would suggest you to go for mac products .

Face : after you are confident about your eyes the next step should be the base make up . you have to be a little careful with this one though because there are a lot of products avialiable in the market these days
there fore i would advice you to not spend lot of money on one product with you are not even sure about . foundations are of various types liquid,stick, powder form etc etc . for beginners i would suggest bb cream .
they are light on your face, gives you a good coverage and a hint of glow and is perfect for spring/summer
few drugstore options are maybelline , garnier ,vichy or body shop
 but if you still wanna go ahead with the foundations i would again recommend not to spend so much at first
@revlon  has many good options to choose from i.e photo ready, color stay maybelline's moose is also a good option but if you have dry skin you should stay away from that one .
prince range : 600 to 900
i am using this one right one and i like it it gives a very little shimmer to your face so it makes it perfect for night outs also.
relvon color stay
advice : always choose a foundation in accordance to your skin tone . never a shade lighter or darker that can mess up everything .

cheeks : for cheeks invest in a nice and pretty blush. body shop blushes i adore they have something for every skin tone and they look so pretty and feminine on . always remember never to overdo it otherwise you  will  end up spoiling the whole fun of putting the blush .  i have to mention Mac blushes they have variety of option they around 1700 INR so if you are ready to spend that much go for it !
 fair skin- pink/peach color blush
 tanned skin- dusty rose color
even draker-dusty rose or plum color

body shop blushes

mac blushes

lips : since i was kid lipsticks use to always fascinate me . for newbies i would suggest buy two lipstick shades at first for day time and may be a darker color for the night time  i really like the color read its a beautiful shade and it goes with every skin tone you can also experiment with the shades of it .
products to go for :
revlon lip butters,  maybelline color whisper , revlon color burst
there are actually lot of options avialiable i would just suggest buy any color that matches your skin tone and you can pull it off
for those who do not like wearing lipsticks tinted lip balm is a very good option my favorite is maybelline baby lips i just love love it
  i hope this post is helpful for all you girls out there
have nice sunday ahead<3 <3 <3
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