colored pant trend 2013 and styling tips

2013 will be all about pants (bottoms) colored pants is a trend which can never die or just go out of sight it colored pant trend was hug...

2013 will be all about pants (bottoms) colored pants is a trend which can never die or just go out of sight it colored pant trend was huge in late 80's and early 90's and now its back with a bang ! pants will be the focal point of your outfit. this trend is huge and created a lot of buzz in the fashion industry all over the world from celebrities to next door girl can be seen rocking this trend like no other . i love wearing colored jeans it adds a glam to your entire look ,spices up the entire outfit and the best part is you can create so many different looks with the same pair of jeans . with this post i am gonna tell you how to style colored jeans and what to pair it with . so that you have less problem to style your favorite color denim .

Dark green color :
i love the fashion sense of kourtney kardashian she gets it bang on . dark green color will look very nice with black,white,shades of gold (night time ). it also looks very nice baby pink and light shades of pink .
pair your dark green jeans with a normal white/black tee add a scarf for a casual look you can also wear sneakers , loafers , ballerinas what ever you are comfortable with.
for more polished look pair your jeans with a blazer which compliments your outfit and body shape and team it up with heels . dark green will also look very nice with dark blue specially for the evenings
don't forget to accessorize your outfit for that extra spiced up look

Turquoise blue :  i really love this color like i actually love it and is so perfect for spring and summer . this is mostly for day time 
the best part about this color is that it goes with a lot of colors so you have a lot of options to team it up with
it looks stunning in white. 
you can also team it up with white just like i did 

 it looks so nice with yellow and is perfect for the spring time 
yellow +turquoise blue+neon orange
 pink +turquoise blue

it also looks dam nice with a denim button up shirt 

advice : avoid teaming it up with black . its not gonna look bad but with colors like white,blue,pink,yellow and mint green around we can give the color black a little rest .

Royal blue : this color is a statement in itself . royal blue color is very bold and stands out .this color conveys message like loyalty, royalty and confidence
night look - for a nice night look you can team it up with black blazer just like kim kardashian did in the above photo
spring time look - to your surprise it also looks very nice with dark green and shades of it . makes you look so colorful and a definite stand out .royal blue +orange is also a nice idea for a day out

Red: this is the color with which you can create so many outfits . this is a color which is perfect for both day and night time . red color jeans looks dam hot with animal print even with florals . prints are a huge trend for this season
you can pair red jeans with mostly every color but i will advise you to stay away from pairing it with purple and yellow.

red color also look very nice with lighter shades of pink so go ahead and try it .
 i paired a lace peplum top with red jeans
leopard pumps
aldo watch
necklace -vero moda

Pink : in this section i will talk about all the shades of pink
hot pink and bubble gum pink looks very nice with the black color
you can never go wrong with the combination of pink and black
pink+white is also a very good option for the day time
pink+purple will also look dam nice for those
 girly outfit days
peachy pink + mint green is another option for the day time look

Purple: according to me one of the easiest way to pair a purple jeans is with color grey . you can also do it with black and white but with grey it gives a more glammed up look and is not very common purrple color denim will also look very nice with a sheer white shirt , floral print tops and shirts .  
 purple looks nice with shades of orange also for spring. but you have to be a little careful with this one.

Oxblood/burgundy: this color was so in trend for winters'12 and this trend is still continuing it looks dam nice with animal print tops/shirts,scarfs. it also goes with the army trend 
this color looks dam classy with army green color it can be a top ,shirt,scarf or shoes .
it will look very nice during the night with some gold color accessories 

Yellow/mustard yellow  : instead of buying a pure yellow color jeans i would advise you to go for mustard yellow . mustard yellow looks better classier and still has the bright effect of color yellow . mustard yellow you can even wear it with day or night . 
mustard +navy blue color also great together 
outfit idea : mustard jeans + navy blue shirt/ top+ white scarf  and you are ready to go don't forget the shoes of your choice 
mustard yellow + red is also a good idea 
black and white goes without saying . colors like beige and shades of brown also look very nice with mustard yellow

i hope you find this post helpful
if you want me talk about any other specific color you can leave a comment below
have a lovely day ahead ladies
talk to you guys soon
much love

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  1. Cute outfits! You surely have a great collection on colored jeans. <3


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